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  Tar Hollow State Forest
and Tar Hollow State Park

Trail Info

Tar Hollow State Forest has a 23 mile loop trail with a cut across dividing the main loop nearly in half. The hiking trails are toward the northern end of the forest. Various parking lots and road access points allow hiking some sections one way or down and back. Tar Hollow State Park lies within the northern end of the forest. The Buckeye Trail crosses the forest and bridal trails cover much of the southern half of the forest.

The main hiking trail is the Logan Trail and it was created and is maintained by Boy Scout Troop 195 of Columbus, OH. The Logan Trail is divided up into named sections. These sections are separated with numbered trail markers which I refer to here, closing them in []. Frequent blazes make following the trail relatively easy. There are many more sections than described here. Sections will be added as they are hiked and reviewed.

 Logan Trail - North Loop - 12 miles in 7 segments.

Hocking Segment - 2.4 miles. This segment runs north from the Pine Lake dam [1] to the north end of the campgrounds [2]. This trail segment has a very good surface including bare earth, pine needles, and natural rocks. The second 0.25 mile is very strenuous as it climbs a ridge.

Pine Lake Segment - 1.3 miles. This segment runs from the fire tower [10] to the Pine Lake dam [1]. This trail segment has a fair amount of natural broken rock and can be rough for the tenderfoot. The fire tower affords an excellent view of the surrounding forest.

Backpack Loops and Long Day Trail Hikes in Southern Ohio by Robert H. Ruchhoft (1984, Pucelle Press) contains a description of all trail segments and includes trail maps. It is only lacking in its review of barefoot suitability.


Tar Hollow State Forest is located east of Chillicothe, Ohio, south of Laurelville. The main trailhead for the Logan Trail is at Pine Lake dam [1] in Tar Hollow State Park. The park entrance is on State Route 327 about 5 miles south of Laurelville. Drinking water and rest rooms are available within the park.

Tar Hollow State Forest location and trail maps.

The Ohio Division of Forestry has a web page on Tar Hollow State Forest and includes location maps and a forest map.

The Ohio State Parks division has a page on Tar Hollow State Park.


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