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  Blacklick Woods Metro Park

Trail Info

Blacklick Woods Metro Park has several trails, but like typical Metro Park trails, most are paved with gravel. The one exception is the Buttonbush Trail through the Walter A. Tucker Nature Preserve. Note that while leashed pets are permitted in the park, they are not allowed on some trails including the Buttonbush Trail.

The Buttonbush Trail is a 0.5 mile loop through wetlands. Half of the trail is over elevated boardwalks. Do not drag your feet here, as nail heads occasionally stick up above the wood. There is a small amount of scattered gravel along the trail. This trail is good for a fast aerobic walk, with 0.5 mile laps that are not boring. It is also great for a relaxing, leisurely walk while enjoying the wildlife. Deer are often visible. Raccoons are in abundance at twilight and will even follow you in the hopes of being fed. (Please, DO NOT feed them!) Photographers get plenty of opportunities to shoot deer, raccoons, and squirrels.


Blacklick Woods Metro Park is located in Reynoldsburg, OH on Columbus' east side. From I-70 take the Brice Road north exit. Follow Brice Road about 0.6 mile to East Livingston Avenue. Turn right (east) on East Livingston. The entrance to the park is at 6975 East Livingston Avenue, about 1.5 miles east of Brice Road. There are several picnic areas, restrooms, water, and a children's playground.

Follow the park road straight until it ends in the last parking lot. Water and restrooms are next to the parking lot. Follow the brick sidewalk past the Nature Center to the trail head.

While at the park, be sure to visit the Nature Center. They have an attractive educational display as well as a view overlooking a pond that attracts a lot of wildlife. The Nature Center is barefoot friendly.

Metro Parks has a page about Blacklick Woods Metro Park.


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