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"The" Book

The Barefoot Hiker by Richard K. Frazine (1993, Ten Speed Press) is available from Amazon.com. This book provides a great introduction to barefoot hiking, how to do it safely and enjoy it.

The Barefoot Hiker can be read online at the author's site.

Finding More Trail Information

Here are some sources of more information on some of the trails we hike as well as other trails.

Web sites:


  • Backpack Loops and Long Day Trail Hikes in Southern Ohio by Robert H. Ruchhoft (1984, Pucelle Press)

  • 50 Hikes in Ohio by Ralph Ramey (2nd ed., 1997, Backcountry Publications)

  • Hiking Ohio by Robert Folzenlogen (1990, Willow Press)

  • Hocking Hills State Park Hiking Trails (1998, Ohio Department of Natural Resources)

  • Ohio State Parks Hiking Trails (1998, Ohio Department of Natural Resources)

Other Organizations

Barefoot Hikers - Locate other Barefoot Hikers' chapters.

Society for Barefoot Living - Promoting a barefoot lifestyle through education and support. Information on barefoot health, laws, and other information.

Ahcuah - Commentary on current issues that affect going barefoot.


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