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We welcome everyone to join the Ohio Barefoot Hikers and would like you to join us on a hike. Please read our membership policy and the FAQ for more information.

To join us, send an email to join@ohiobarefoothikers.org. Please include your name, age (or a statement that you are at least 18) and the number of persons wishing to join. Please describe your hiking and any barefoot experience. Optionally list trails and terrain you like to hike.

Once processed, you will receive an invitation to join our Yahoo! Groups mailing list. Upon activation you will receive information about using Yahoo! Groups and posting to our group. This is a private list available to our members only. You may optionally provide information in your personal profile section at Yahoo! Groups.

We hope to see you on the trail soon.


Have questions? Write the Ohio Barefoot Hikers.

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