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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if my feet aren't tough enough?
A: Bare feet are tougher than many people think. Easing into barefoot hiking and observing a safe, proper walking technique are all that is needed. Twisted ankles occur less frequently when barefoot than when wearing heavy high topped boots because bare feet provide better feedback on unstable surfaces, often resulting in greater stability.

Q: Can I bring shoes? Can my spouse, child, parent or friend wear shoes?
A: Yes. We do not require everyone to hike barefoot, but it is encouraged. It is, after all, what we are about. We understand that some family members may wish wear shoes and we will not discriminate. Beginners will want to bring along a pair of shoes as a back up. Tevas or other sport sandals (not flip flops) are a good, lightweight back up. We encourage everyone who can do so to at least try hiking barefoot.

Q: Who decides where we hike?
A: We all do. Anyone may suggest or request any location at any time.

Q: Who decides when we hike?
A: Anyone can. We usually hike on Saturdays and Sundays. Hikes may be scheduled by anyone at anytime.

Q: When do we have "beginner's hikes"?
A: We have beginners' hikes whenever beginners request them or say they are going to hike with us.

Q: Who leads the hikes?
A: Anyone may lead a hike and everyone is welcome to. Often a hike is organized and led by the person most familiar with the given trail.

Q: How do I know what a trail is going to be like?
A: Trail descriptions can be found on the Trails page. If you don't see what you need to know, just ask. Missing or additional information is welcomed.

Q: Why do many hike reports describe longer hikes?
A: The difficulty of each hike is based on who joins us for that hike. Since many hikes are attended by experienced barefoot hikers, those hikes tend to be more challenging.

Q: Do the Ohio Barefoot Hikers do more than hike?
A: We do sometimes optionally have lunch, shop, etc., as part of a hike trip. Any activities not related to a hike are generally beyond the scope of the Ohio Barefoot Hikers. (e.g. - Meeting at a barefoot music and arts festival would fall more in the realm of The Society for Barefoot Living. However, we may still announce such activities for the benefit of those who may wish to participate.)

Q: Who runs the Ohio Barefoot Hikers?
A: We all do. Everyone is welcome to plan, organize, and lead hikes; provide directions, maps, and other information regarding trail sites; and suggest or request hike locations, dates and times. Greg Morgan coordinates communication and documentation by maintaining the Ohio Barefoot Hikers web site and Yahoo Groups list.


Still have questions? Write the Ohio Barefoot Hikers.

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