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About the Ohio Barefoot Hikers

Hiking with Us

We have a list of trails we hike. We are always looking for new and interesting trails. We prefer natural trails as opposed to asphalt or gravel. If you have a suggestion of a good trail in Ohio, please let us know.

We hike when any members schedule them. Suggestions and requests are always welcome. Hikes will generally be scheduled for afternoons but will start in the morning if they are day long hikes or due to predicted weather. Hikes may be scheduled or canceled at the last minute due to weather. Our hike schedule is listed at our Yahoo! Groups calendar. We contact members via our Yahoo! Groups mailing list as far in advance as is practical. This is a private list available to our members only.

Don't live in Ohio? Can't visit? There are Barefoot Hikers groups in several states as well as the rest of the world. Check out the Barefoot Hikers home for a listing of Barefoot Hikers chapters near you or for information on starting a Barefoot Hikers group in your area.

Membership Policy

We want this to be an enjoyable experience for all who participate. We therefore ask for your compliance with the following.

We obey state and local laws, and park regulations. We do not litter or disturb nature.

We never distribute member's names or other contact information to anyone outside the group.

We ask that persons under the age of 18 be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Members are responsible for their own expenses - travel, food and equipment. But hey, look at all the money you save on shoes!

We don't discriminate against persons hiking with us wearing shoes, however, this group is about hiking barefoot. Hiking barefoot is strongly encouraged.

What We Are and What We Are Not

We are a family oriented active hiking club. We hike trails barefoot. We are not just a discussion group. Although we do talk about hiking barefoot a lot, it is in support of actually doing it.

There is more information in the FAQ.


Have questions? Write the Ohio Barefoot Hikers.

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